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 1972 : Creation of the Biological centre in Calais, founded by doctors Francis VANHEMS, Jean WEINBRECK and Louis GAEREMYNC. Three Calais laboratories came together to group resources and invest in modern material in order to offer the Calais population the most effective analytical material. The initiative was one of the first nationwide and the fact that it involved the renovation of one of the old Lace making factories reinforced the local ‘pioneer’ concept.

 Since then, the company has partaken in the realisation of biological assessments for both of the  Calais clinics since their creation: Clinique de la Lorraine and Clinique de la Tamise, whilst maintaining its privileged links with the Hospital and Doctors VANHEMS and DEMARET who are responsible for the blood transfusion department.

 1992 : First IVF with partner’s sperm in Calais. The biological centre is the first to offer its services for optimizing the sperm.

 1994 : Authorisation for a sole and unique company to manage 5 laboratories – allowing the creation of 2 new sites: Audruicq and Marquise.This expansion ensures that more rural areas also have access to quality services.

 1997 : Beginning of Serum marker screening for Down’s syndrome. The Biological Centre receives authorisation from the Minister to carry out the tests and become the reference laboratory for the bassin du littoral.

 2000 : Creation of the Beau Marais in Calais. This centre provides easier access for those patients who are outside of the town centre.

 2003 : Opening of the MPA(minimum package activities) Centre at the Calais hospital in collaboration with the Biological Centre.

 2005 : Thanks to the initiative of several Calais specialist doctors who wanted to bring together their skills under one roof (medical imagery, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, anatomical pathology and medical biology) the Biological Centre exists and in opening the Bleriot Plage site it shows its commitment to the Specialist Medical Health Centre adventure.

 2006 : au regard de l’évolution prévisible de la Biologie Française, le Centre Biologique intègre le réseau européen de laboratoires de biologie Médicale (LABCO), afin d’assurer la pérennité de sa mission dans la biologie médicale et d’être en mesure de toujours assurer la meilleure qualité de soins localement.

 2006 : Fusion of two clinics and the opening of the deux Caps clinic in Coquelles. The Biological Centre participates in the elaboration of the evaluation of this new centre.

 2010 : The Ballereau prescription modernises the profession and brings it up to European standards: Obligatory certification and the possibility of grouping techniques on one platform whilst allowing an unlimited number of external sites under the form of Multi-Site Medical Biological laboratories. This enables more modest laboratories in the region to offer the same standard techniques to the patients whilst continuing to guarantee proximity and patient care.

 2011 : Become Multi-Site Biological Laboratory by fusing with the Tyberghein Laboratory in Desvres.

 2013 : Fusion with the Marck Laboratories in Calais and Wimereux.

 2015 : Integration of the Bray Dunes laboratory.

 2019 : The Biological center becomes Synlab Opale.

For 40 years the Biological Centre has been a forward thinking figure in the Calais Health service, with both its Biological Medical state and its eagerness to preserve its professionalism and service to the region and its clients.