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Synlab Opale in numbers

40 years of experience and the use of new technologies at the service of local laboratories.

80 qualified professionals (doctors, biologists, couriers, secretaries, nurses, lab-technicians, quality specialists) who work together to ensure reliable results as quickly as possible.

9 sampling and peri-analytical treatment sites, who receive more than 1000 patient files a day, in the town centre or in the surrounding areas, in the countryside, in specialist medical centres,  with home samples relayed by nurses, freelance nurses and local doctors. The health needs of the patients are covered and the careful processing and transport rules meet the quality standards and are respected.

1 multidiscipline platform, that can carry out more than 300 different parameters including the key areas of biology, PMA and the screening of serum markers for Down’s Syndrome, both of which are subject to ministerial approval.

Collaboration with 45 laboratories – both local regional public and private.